About David Grossman

David Grossman is among New York City's most respected craftsmen – a furniture maker and master restorer for more than 25 years for some of the area's finest antique dealers: Eagles Antiques, The Little Antique Shop, J. Garvin Mecking, and interior designers Wagner Van Dam. He's also the furniture maker of choice for noted decorative painter Kevin Cross of Redding, Connecticut and produces replacement carvings for Old Wood Bars of New York on Houston Street. David's woodworking is featured at the acclaimed Chanterelle restaurant in New York's Tribeca neighborhood and his room-length bar is the centerpiece at Sugar, one of the city's newest, coolest nightspots at 311 Church Street, also in Tribeca.

David's own furniture making, distinguished by its fine lines and remarkable surface textures, is a delicate interplay between design and material, incorporating the best of both to create hand-crafted pieces that breathe with warmth and vitality.